Ah, dress season.  For those of us brave souls who are staked in the northern Midwest, this is a season that we TRULY embrace because we only get to enjoy it for roughly three months out of the year.

With this summer’s seemingly everlasting cruel and unusual heat punishment, it seems that a dress is the only logical (and bearable) wardrobe option since the infamous “birthday suit” ensemble becomes socially unacceptable after the age of 1.

A dress not only offers ventilation and air flow, but can be a comfortable and transitional garb worn from day to night without irritation or sweat overload.

It appears that designers picked up on the high demand for this heat wave must-have, as the variety of styles of dresses has blossomed into a beautifully diverse collection.

Choosing the right dress for a certain occasion (and finding one to flatter you in all the right places) can be challenging, frustrating and overwhelming.  However, rest assured that there is a dress (most likely several dresses) out there for everyone.

Below is a collaboration of this summer’s most sought after dresses and how to style them:

Drop Waist Dress:

How-to: Drop Waist Dress


How to: Shirtdress

Peplum Dress:

How to: Peplum Dress

Maxi Dress:

How to: Maxi Dress

High Low Dress:

How to: High Low Dress